The four members of the band Audiopharmacy are shown.American Music Abroad Tour 2012:
Indonesia, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji & Solomon Islands
Genres: Hip Hop/Dub
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AUDIOPHARMACY (SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA) pulls together inspiration from all corners of the earth, and combines its talents to make a sound and culture that is avant garde, yet always speaking the language of the people.  Spawned from its roots in hip hop, Audiopharmacy is inspired to extend its repertoire beyond the genre by intricately fusing live instrumentation and global musical styles, making the Audiopharmacy sound consistently evolving and eclectic. Audiopharmacy has performed domestically all over the West Coast and New York.  Internationally, the band has taken the stage at festivals, concert halls and clubs in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, France, the United Kingdom and Japan.  Audiopharmacy is a part of Audiopharmacy Prescriptions, a San Francisco-based international art collective, in which each AP artist strives to build community, as well as invoke consciousness, empowerment and respect for life in every creative endeavor shared with the world.

Watch: Remember Us /Mama / Prophecies

TEAO (PRODUCER/GUITAR/TURNTABLIST)  hails from San Francisco, California.  As a DJ/music producer and multi-instrumentalist, he founded an international art/music collective in 2002 called Audiopharmacy Prescriptions to raise a consciousness and global awareness of humanity’s ability to build prosperous and harmonious communities through art and music.  Though rooted rhythmically in hip-hop, as a producer Teao endeavors to unite the voices and sounds of many world cultures into the Audiopharmacy sound. Teao has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from San Francisco State University and has hosted hip hop radio shows on KCSC, and KSCU’s popular, “Curbside Show.  He has worked as a school teacher at Bessie Carmichael Elementary School and Schools of Sacred Heart in San Francisco.  Last, but not least, Teao is a proud family man and father to two amazing children, Shishin and Sakima.

RAS K’DEE (VOCALS/ KEYBOARD) is a Native California (Pomo)/African musician, community educator, and renowned lyricist, producer, & lead vocalist/keyboardist for San Francisco-based live world hip-hop ensemble, Audiopharmacy. For K’dee, his musical inspiration is deeply rooted from his experience as a Pomo/African artist.  Translating artistically through hip-hop rhymes and soulful melodies, K’dee invokes the songs and dances from traditional ceremonies of his native people, and tells stories of resistance, healing, community & empowerment that can be understood and felt universally by all people. He has been compared to the likes of Gil Scott Heron, Marvin Gaye, Michael Franti, Black Star, and Aloe Blacc.  Ras K’dee’s musical repetoire includes “Street Prison” (2005), which was awarded by East Bay Express as Best Local Album of The Year in 2006, co-production on Audiopharmacy album, “U Forgot About Us” (2009), and producing his first soloproject, “Cloudwriter” (2011). K’dee has also had his hand in releasing, producing, and engineering 16 LP albums by local and international artists. His music has been featured on compilation albums alongside artists such as Femi Kuti, Gift of Gab, Israel Vibration, Black Fire, John Trudell, and Lila Downs. K’dee has toured locally and internationally with Audiopharmacy for 6 consecutive years.

KEEPYAHJOY (BASS/BUCKET DRUMS), born Christopher Romanelli, and raised in New York, he now lives in San Francisco.  He is known in the streets from San Francisco to Tokyo as “The Bucketman,” whose inspiring and infectious rhythms can have anyone within earshot to break out in dance.  Keepyahjoy is an original member of Audiopharmacy and has toured the world with the band since 2004.  He has been featured on many albums including Ras K Dee’s Cloud Writer (2011), Gregg Green’s World Citizen (2011), Audiopharmacy’s U Forgot About Us (2010) and Spare Change (2007). Among other accomplishments, Keepyahjoy is also a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, film maker and loving father.

KWOME GUSTAVE (DRUMS) was born into a family where music was as essential to life as food, water, air, and spirituality.  Ras Kwome learned early that his destiny was to continue the musical work that his father, Ras Ibeshee, began with one of the most treasured bands from the US Virgin Islands – The Zioneers.   Playing drums at an early age, he worked hard to emulate Carlton Barret – the drummer for Bob Marley & the Wailers.  After a few years, Ras Kwome’s skills became apparent to his father, who then groomed him to become a future member of their band.  At the age of 15, Ras Kwome began his professional career as the drummer for the Zioneers with the skill and good vibes of a seasoned veteran.  Together with his father, they held down the band’s foundation of drum and bass alongside multi-instrumentalist and singer Ras Ibednego and keyboardist Sonny Andrews.  The combination gave the group the versatility and heartfulness that made The Zioneers one of reggae’s premier bands.  Now also a member of Audiopharmacy, Ras Kwome has toured and performed in Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Chicago, California, North Carolina, Boston, Virginia, Florida, and Hawaii.