Henhouse Prowlers

Henhouse Prowlers

The Henhouse Prowlers band poses with their instruments.Genre: Bluegrass
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HENHOUSE PROWLERS (Chicago, IL) have gained a reputation for their highly original, tradition-inspired bluegrass built on a strong foundation of intricate harmonies and electrifying stage energy. Henhouse Prowlers use traditional bluegrass as a base, and make it their own by providing a show that’s danceable through- out with uptempo drive and bouncing mid-tempo grooves, all while covering contemporary topics in a largely original reper- toire. Their reverence for the forefathers of bluegrass is palpable as they push the music forward on their own path.

Watch:  Blue Virginia Blues / The Track



BEN WRIGHT (Banjo) is a founding member and banjo player of the Prowlers. At 23 he bought a banjo on a whim in 1999 at the legendary Old Town School of Folk Music.  Within weeks he fell under its spell and spent several years making up for not discovering it sooner. Ben played in several bands before forming the Prowlers including the popular Chicago Americana outfit, Outlaw Family Band. He plays a Rock Built banjo with a Huber tone ring.


DAN ANDREE (Fiddle) has spent the last six years in Champaign -Urbana, earning a degree in Ethnomusicology from the University in December of 2011. His musical education began with nine years of Suzuki method and classical violin lessons with the head of the Northern Illinois University string program, Ann Montzka-Smelser. The ear and sight-reading training Dan received provided a solid platform from which to delve into fiddle genres such as bluegrass, old-time, and contemporary country.


STARR MOSS (Guitar) originally played mostly electric guitar but switched to acoustic after discovering Celtic and bluegrass music in high school.  Before joining the Henhouse Prowlers, Starr played in several Milwaukee bands (O’Shytte’s – Celtic rock) and String ‘Em Up (bluegrass), both in collaboration with Prowlers’ Grant. Starr is influenced primarily by the bluegrass genre, but also Celtic and old-time styles. He has had the opportunity to learn from great musicians from music festivals across the country and he recently relocated back to Chicago after spending time abroad and on the West Coast working in Latino Advocacy.


JON GOLDFINE (Bass) has been supplying the bottom end and sharing vocal duties in the band since its formation in 2004. Born in Chicago to a trombone playing father and an opera-singing mother,  Jon first learned the stand up bass in his Jr. High School orchestra. Since reviving his bass chops in 2000, he has performed in jazz, rock, and funk ensembles including MWC, and folk and bluegrass ensembles such as The Back Porch Ramblers. Jon is also adept on the electric bass, tuba and harmonica. He has been a guest on several recordings including Brian Walker’s Lookin’ For Light.