Ensembles 2013-14

The bands selected to tour with the American Music Abroad program hail from throughout the United States, and their musical talents reflect the diversity of the American musical landscape. Musicians from a wide range of traditional American musical disciplines applied for our 2013-14 program, and we received more than 320 applications from more 45 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico. The genres ranged from Blues, Bluegrass, Native American, Latino, Cajun, Country, Folk, Gospel, Broadway Musical Theater, Hip Hop/Urban, Indie Rock, Jazz, Punk, R&B and Zydeco. Following live auditions in New York, St. Louis and San Francisco, 10 ensembles were selected for their artistic quality, aptitude for presentation of educational content and commitment to fostering cross-cultural engagement. The selected groups include:


AMA Violinist Performs– The Amigos Band (Americana, New York)
– Anthony Stanco Ensemble (Jazz, Michigan)
– Audiopharmacy (Hip Hop/Dub, California)
– Cello Street (Classical/Pop, California)
– Henhouse Prowlers (Bluegrass, Illinois)
– Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards (Acoustic Appalachian, Massachusetts)
– Native Jazz Quartet (Jazz)
– Nomadic Wax Collective (Hip Hop/Jazz Fusion, New York)
– Oscar Williams and the Band of Life (Gospel, Missouri, Texas)
– Windborne (Vocal Folk, Massachusetts)