Henhouse Prowlers 2014-2015

Henhouse Prowlers

Henhouse ProwlersGenre: Bluegrass
Website: henhouseprowlers.com
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Henhouse Prowlers have gained a reputation for their highly original, tradition-inspired bluegrass built on a strong foundation of intricate harmonies and electrifying stage energy. The group uses traditional bluegrass as a base, and make it their own by providing a show that’s dance-able throughout with uptempo drive and bouncing mid-tempo grooves, all while covering contemporary topics in a largely original repertoire. Their reverence for the forefathers of bluegrass is palpable as they push the music forward on their own path.

In November 2013, Henhouse Prowlers were sent to West Africa with the American Music Abroad program for a month-long tour of four very different countries; Congo- Brazzaville, Liberia, Mauritania and Niger. Despite language and cultural barriers, The Henhouse Prowlers connected with audience members, sharing traditional bluegrass music through live performance and education, earning high praise from Embassy staff and audience members alike. The band also had the opportunity to learn from local musicians and find unique overlaps in lyrical themes from both traditions.

Watch: Prowlers in Liberia / Mauritania AMA Performance / Monrovia AMA Performance